RealLine HSV-1/ HSV-2

RealLine HSV-1/ HSV-2

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The RealLine HSV-1 / HSV-2 kit is intended for the detection and differentiation of HSV-1 DNA and HSV-2 DNA in clinical samples by Real-Time PCR. The kit is designed for in vitro diagnostics and provides qualitative detection.

Product Description

HSV-1 is an oral form of herpes, which typically affects the mouth and surrounding areas on the face. In addition HSV-1 can cause encephalitis, keratoconjunctivitis, stomatitis and skin infections. Transmission generally occurs through saliva and rarely through sex contact. HSV-2 causes most cases of genital herpes as well as the neurological manifestations such as meningitis and radiculitis. Pregnant women and infants are risk groups for HSV infections, since when infants do contract neonatal herpes, they may suffer serious neurological damage, mental retardation or death. In addition HSV-2 is known to increase a person’s risk of contracting HIV. Sample Material Blood serum, plasma Swabs of epithelial cells Tissue fluid Erosive-ulcerative skin lesions Cerebrospinal fluid Semen Prostatic fluid Bronchoalveolar lavage Whole blood Urine Detection Channels FAM (495 – 520 nm) for Internal Control (IC) HEX (535 – 554 nm) for HSV-1 DNA ROX (575 – 602 nm) for HSV-2 DNA